This tumblr is about collecting videos of lindy hoppers who, for one reason or another, do not look like the average modern lindy hopper/blues dancer/balboa dancer. Taller follows, shorter leads, fatter, skinnier, huge boobs, no boobs, short legs, long legs, broad shoulders, narrow hips, big feet, boys following, girls leading, brightly colored hair, dancers in wheelchairs, dancers in casts - KILLING IT in performances, competitions, or in other ways being amazing on video.

Why? Because when the only thing you see in performances and competitions are bodies that don’t look like yours, it’s hard to remember that it could be you rocking out in front of everyone. This was also inspired by searching “fat lindy hopper” on Google and only coming up with one hit - a hit that was a forum commenter stating that “There is no such thing as a fat lindy hopper.” I know that to be false for a fact, so I wanted to assemble some evidence.

Posts will be curated by (for now) me. I’m a Chicago-based lindy hopper and blues dancer who has been involved in the dance community for seven years who is fat and fabulous. Feel free to submit video of yourself dancing - if the video is not of you, please tell me who is in the video. If a video of you is posted and you feel uncomfortable with it being present, let me know and I’ll take it down as quickly as possible.

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